Guide to enrolment


  1. Access the platform
  2. Obtain the processing code
  3. Search courses for your level
  4. Select a course
  5. Enrol
  6. Download the payment document

Access the platform

Go to the platform for enrolment for Catalan courses and click on "Register for a course".

If you have a student account, click on "I have an email address".

The app will redirect you to Microsoft Office log in.

Remember that you have to close the session on your private Office account in your browser or open a new window to start an Office session using your CPNL account.

Enter your password and click "Start session"

If you do not have a student account, click "I don’t have an email address".

Fill in the form with your details.

Once you have completed the form, select the email address or phone number to receive the verification code to confirm your identity.

Enter the verification code.

Obtain the processing code

The processing code identifies your specific application. Keep it to log back into the application if necessary.

Search courses for your level

Select the town/city. You can also filter by type of course.

Select a course

Select the course that is most suitable.

Check that the selected course is the one you want to do and click "Pre-enrol" or cancel if you want to select a different course.


  • Courses with nil registration fees:

Check "I have read..." and select "Enrol" to confirm and receive your confirmation of registration. You can also receive the confirmation via email.

  • Paid-for courses:

If you are entitled to a reduction in matriculation fees, select one of the grounds of entitlement and attach a valid document that shows your entitlement. The document will be checked so that you can continue with your enrolment.

If you are not entitled to a reduction, you can continue with enrolment without reduction.

Check the details and the price of the course (with or without reduction) and confirm enrolment to download your confirmation.

Download the payment document

To confirm your enrolment, download the document and follow the payment instructions. You will receive a copy by email.

Do you need help? See our FAQs (frequently asked questions) or contact customer services.

Última actualització: 20/06/23