Length and intensity


The majority of general courses are 45 hours. When the three levels are grouped together in one course, they are 120 hours.
Specialised or complementary courses last for different lengths of time.

45 hours 120 hours 90-120 hours
Basic 1 (B1) Basic (BB)
Basic 2 (B2)
Basic 3 (B3)
Elementary 1 (E1) Elementary (EE)
Elementary 2 (E2)
Elementary 3 (E3)
Intermediate 1 (I1) Intermediate (II)
Intermediate 2 (I2)
Intermediate 3 (I3)
Advanced 1 (S1) Advanced (SS)
Advanced 2 (S2)
Advanced 3 (S3)
    Proficiency (C2)


Courses are mostly structured as follows:

  • Divided into terms, to enable students to complete three grades in one academic year; therefore, a whole level.
  • Yearly, to enable students to either complete a whole level in one academic year, or, depending on the course, study at a slower pace.
  • Monthly, either short courses of a few hours or intensive courses.


The most popular courses last for three or fours months and involve a minimum weekly dedication of three to four hours.
Intensive courses are sometimes organised, with a minimum weekly dedication of between six and 15 teaching hours, such as summer courses.