Linguistic welcome

Linguistic welcome

The CPNL’s linguistic welcome programme offers basic resources for learning Catalan, the functioning of Catalan society and its environment to all immigrants arriving in Catalonia, with the aim of enabling them to interact in Catalan in their immediate social environment.

This programme turns Catalan into a powerful tool for social cohesion, for relations and understanding between people of different origins and languages in an increasingly multilingual society.

To carry out this programme, the CPNL weaves complicities and agreements with other departments, such as the Secretariat for Equality, Migration and Citizenship (SIMC), the Catalan Employment Service (SOC) or the Department of Health, as well as other organisations and entities that work to help newcomers.

The CPNL Catalan course certificates are valid for obtaining the first reception certificate.

Courses offered within the framework of the linguistic welcome programme:

  • Beginner level
  • Basic level
  • Hey! Listen and speak
  • Resident healthcare staff
  • Knowledge of Catalan society and its legal framework.