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Ofercat Plans

Ofercat Study

Ofercat, fruit of collaboration between the CPNL and the Directorate General for Language Policy, is a measurement system used to determine the presence of Catalan in shops in a given territory. This tool is applied to collect data on the languages used for shop signs and the signs in shop windows, as well as the language in which shop staff greet people and whether they change to Catalan in the event that a customer speaks to them in this language. An index is obtained, on a scale of between 0 and 100 points.

Ofercat Plans

The results obtained from Ofercat, especially regarding the oral skills in shops with foreign-born people, have led to the creation of the Ofercat Plans, with shared goals and strategies among the 22 language normalisation centres throughout Catalonia.

These Ofercat Plans are structured on a multi-annual basis and aim to increase the use of Catalan in shops. To this end, activities are carried out to promote awareness and active use of the language, and provide knowledge of language legislation.