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Emmarca’t Territorial Project


The Enmarca’t (Brand yourself) strategy aims to bring Catalan closer to big brands, making them realise its advertising potential: language is key to creating bonds of affinity. A successful brand is one that people remember because it has managed to make the target public identify with it and conveys an authentic, friendly and close image, making it attractive and thus building customer loyalty.

According to the study promoted by the Directorate General for Language Policy, 67.9% of consumers living in Catalonia would like their favourite brands and shops to address them in Catalan. The use of Catalan is, for this reason and another 49 reasons, a fundamental marketing tool for seducing millions of potential consumers.

Catalan is a competitive advantage, use it.

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Emmarca’t Territorial Project

The Enmarca’t (Brand yourself) Territorial Project derives from the Enmarca’t study and is aimed at companies with the most well-known brands in local and regional territorial areas. The goals are to increase the use of Catalan in advertising, the Internet and social networks, telephone customer service and verbal customer service for these brands.