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Learner shops

Learner shops

Comerços aprenents is a project that provides local businesses with essential Catalan language training for people who provide customer service but speak very little Catalan. These people often cannot attend a Catalan course due to their work schedules, and for this reason, the linguistic normalisation officers come to the shop to offer them these training sessions.



What do you gain?

  • To be able to understand and reply to Catalan-speaking customers.
  • Dissemination as a learner shop on the CPNL’s website and social networks.
  • A certificate of recognition to display in your establishment.
Activity in a market

How do we do it?

  • CPNL officers s come to your shop once or twice a week, Monday to Friday, at the time that suits you best.
  • There are a total of 10 training sessions lasting about 15 minutes adapted to the needs of the workers. We also monitor their progress.
A professional visit

What can you learn?

  • Formulas for greetings and farewells, numbers for prices, days of the week, etc.: basic Catalan for understanding your customers.
  • The vocabulary for the products in your shops.
  • Aspects of linguistic awareness so that you understand the advantages of serving customers in Catalan.
List of learner shops


  • The people who participate in the Comerços aprenents project need you to help them speak more and better Catalan.

  • To begin with, say ‘good morning’ in Catalan (‘bon dia’).

  • Ask them simple questions

  • Continue speaking in Catalan so that they can practise it with you.