Cursos de català



Official courses, which enable students to obtain a certificate equivalent to that awarded by the Directorate General for Language Policy, are those that reach a level equivalent to the levels of knowledge established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): Basic 3, Elementary 3, Intermediate 3, Advanced 3 and Proficiency C2. In these courses, the assessment is the sum of the course assessment (and, therefore, the follow-up of the work proposed by the teacher) plus the final mark of the achievement test.

To pass, you must obtain a minimum of 70 points in the final assessment and, if applicable, pass the partial exam blocks of the test.

In unofficial courses or courses in the process of acquiring a level of the EQARF, assessment is continuous and final, based on the monitoring of course work.

In complementary and specialised courses, assessment is continuous and final, based on course work.

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Official sample tests

Basic 3 sample test

Elemental 3 sample test

Intermediate 3 sample test

Advanced 3 sample test

Proficiency C2 sample test