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Assessment review

11. Assessment review

Each CNL has an assessment committee. The assessment committees are responsible for organising, setting up and supervising the assessment process in an appropriate and fair manner, in accordance with the criteria of the CPNL Assessment Committee. They also deal with any claims made by students about their marks.

Any claim regarding the marks must be made by means of a request, stating the reason for the claim. It must be sent to the CNL Assessment Committee within a maximum period of 20 calendar days after the results have been communicated. If deemed appropriate, the CNL Assessment Commission will review the exam to rectify or confirm the mark. Request to review an exam

Within a maximum of two months after making the claim, the student will receive the result of the review by way of a report of the results obtained in each exam paper.

Within one month after receiving the report, students may make an appeal before the presidency of the CPNL against the report of the CNL Assessment Committee.