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Cancellations and withdrawals

8. Cancellations and withdrawals

If a student is unable to attend class or attend an online course regularly, due to reasons related to work, studies, health, etc., they must cancel their enrolment so that they can re-enrol in any other enrolment period. This cancellation must be formalised in the corresponding administrative services as soon as possible and, in all cases, no later than 15 calendar days after the last class attendance, or the last activity registered on an online course. In no case does this withdrawal imply a refund of the enrolment fee.

All cancellations that are not formalised will be considered withdrawals. With regard to face-to-face courses, a student will be considered to have withdrawn if they miss 15% of the length of the course in a continuous manner. In the case of online courses, if a student stops accessing the platform for 15 calendar days of the course.