Request to see a corrected exam

In accordance with regulations, the request to review the exam must be made within a maximum of 20 calendar days after the publication of the results.


THE REQUEST FORM You must print out the request form, fill it in, sign it and submit it to the official registry. The procedure may be carried out in two different ways:

1. In person, with an appointment, at Central Services (demaneuhora(ELIMINAR) or in any body with an official register, such as a town hall. List of local authorities adhered to the agreement. This list includes all municipalities that accept CPNL documentation.

2. With the generic request of the government of Catalonia. You must fill in a form specifying the body being addressed (Department of Culture) and especially specify in the subject line that it is the Consortium for Language Normalisation. It is necessary to attach the completed and signed request form.

In both cases, you will receive a receipt of the official enrolment. Nothing more needs to be done.

THE REPLY: The Assessment Commission of the CNL where you did the course will review the exam to rectify or confirm the mark. You will be sent a report with the results of each paper, through the eNotum electronic notification system, within a maximum of two months.

In the event you do not agree with the result of the review, you can make an appeal before the presidency of the CPNL within of one month after the date you received the report informing you of the mark you obtained.