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From 6 to 23/7 and from 1 to 15/9
preferential: from 6 to 10/09
general: from 13/09 to 15/09
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Start of the courses: 22 September

Placement test

If you have never taken a course at the CPNL or do not have an official certificate, you must take a placement (or level) test: it is free and you can do it online or near home.

Request the test now at your nearest centre!

Request a placement test

  • Before enrolling on any course you must have the result of the placement test or present an official Catalan language certificate, except in the case of a Basic 1, Beginner or speaking course (Hey!).
  • Taking the placement test does not guarantee a place in the courses.
  • The sole purpose of the placement tests is to assign the most appropriate course to each student according to their level.


  • Preferential enrolment: ifyou have taken a course at the CPNL within the last year, you have preferential enrolment from 6 to 10 September.
  • General enrolment: if you have not taken any course at the CPNL during the last year, the enrolment period is 13, 14 or 15 September. ​