Request for a special exam session

In accordance with regulations, you can request a special exam session in accordance with the situations established.


THE REQUEST FORM You must print out the request form, fill it in, sign it and submit it to the official registry. The procedure may be carried out in two different ways:

1. In person, with an appointment, at Central Services (demaneuhora(ELIMINAR) or in any body with an official register, such as a town hall. List of local authorities adhered to the agreement. This list includes all municipalities that accept CPNL documentation.

2. With the generic request of the government of Catalonia. You must fill in a form specifying the body being addressed (Department of Culture) and especially specify in the subject line that it is the Consortium for Language Normalisation. It is necessary to attach the completed and signed request form.

In both cases, you will receive a receipt of the official enrolment. Nothing more needs to be done.

THE REPLY: The Assessment Commission of the CNL where you have done the course will hold a meeting in order to decide whether to accept or refuse the application. You will receive the reply via the eNotum electronic notification system within 10 working days after your request is received. If your application is accepted, you will be given a date and time in the town or city where you live. If the day and time is not convenient for you, you will lose the opportunity to take the exam.