Speaking Catalan: a Strategic Decision

Speaking Catalan: a Strategic Decision

Including Catalan in commercial establishments is a decision that marks the difference and it is recommended for effective communication.

The fact that a commercial establishment can also serve its customers in Catalan is a strategic decision. Offering products and services in a customer’s own language adds value, which translates into a higher quality service that can contribute to customer loyalty. A shop or business that knows how to effectively manage multilingual communication innovates, advances and progresses.

The workshop has an eminently practical focus and concepts are taught from the perspective of real cases and examples with exercises, taking advantage of the students’ experience and their ideas.


Workers in the trade sector
Students should be able to hold a basic conversation in Catalan (elementary level).


Raise awareness among traders that including Catalan as a communication tool provides new sales strategies.


  • Reflection on personal attitudes in sales (insecurity due to a lack of fluency in Catalan; encourage people to speak Catalan whenever it is spoken by their interlocutor, etc.).
  • Basic notions of business language
  • Basic terminology in the field of commerce (suited to students’ requirements).
  • Conversation practice
  • Training and information about online resources for resolving language queries


10 hours