Writing on Social Networks

Writing on Social Networks


Nowadays social networks are an essential means of dissemination and communication for any company, organisation or institution. In addition to being able to disseminate information in an agile, immediate, economical and appropriate way to match the recipients’ characteristics and needs, they facilitate interaction between users.

The choice of language, its suitability and quality are aspects that must be taken into special consideration, as they determine the image that the company or institution wants to transmit to its users and customers.


People who regularly write or have to write corporate texts on social networks. A minimum level of written Catalan is required, e.g. Intermediate level.

Students must at least have their own or corporate Facebook and Twitter accounts.


The aim of the course is to provide participants with linguistic guidelines and criteria for writing texts in Catalan according to the most common types of networks.


  • Introduction: The importance of Catalan in social networks.
  • A brief description of the main social networks (WhatsApp/SMS, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn), examples of use, linguistic guidelines and criteria, associated terminology and practical exercises.
  • Summarising, rules and abbreviations, and spell-checking.
  • Final exercise for communicating the same message on different networks.
  • Language resources for using Catalan on social networks.


6 hours