Orthographic Aspects. Accentuation and Diaeresis

Orthographic Aspects. Accentuation and Diaeresis

The correct application of the general rules for graphic accents and diaeresis requires acquiring a set of complex micro-skills that can only be mastered with specific lessons.
The workshop provides the theoretical framework for acquiring these micro-skills and some practice so that students may start to successfully apply the rules of graphic accentuation and diaeresis.


People with a command of the language that enables them to deal with tasks and social situations in everyday life (similar to the level of people who are recommended to study at Advance level 1 or higher).


Know, understand and apply the rules governing the use of graphic accents and diaeresis.


  • The distinction between sound and letter, and vowel and consonant
  • Distinguishing the syllables of a word
  • Identification of the stressed syllable
  • Diphthongs
  • The consonants i and u
  • Triphthongs
  • Digraphs
  • The position of the stressed syllable
  • The graphic accent
  • The rule of graphic accentuation
  • The graphic accentuation of the letters e and o
  • Adverbs ending in -ment
  • Compound words
  • Diacritical marks
  • Special cases of graphic accentuation
  • The diaeresis
  • Compatibility of diaereses with graphic accents


6 hours