Application of Online Language Resources

Application of Online Language Resources

In the operations of any company, oral and written communications are an essential element that defines the company’s external image and determines its relationship with customers, suppliers and the rest of the business sector. Ensuring linguistic quality in all business activities enhances the company’s public image and provides it with added value. The inclusion of Catalan, besides being a matter of social responsibility, makes it closer to the territory. Nowadays, the Internet provides everyone with a large number of resources that can help solve linguistic doubts and improve texts. The practical application of online language resources are face-to-face sessions, based on practical case studies. During the sessions, students learn how to use and apply some of the tools and resources available on the Internet, which enables them to incorporate Catalan into a business’s written and oral communications.


People who want to know about and practise using online resources and applications that allow them to resolve questions about the oral and written use of Catalan in business communications. No previous level of Catalan is required.


The aim of the course is to use experimentation to show a representative sample of the ICT tools currently available on the Internet, so as to incorporate or improve the use of Catalan in companies.


  • What resources do we know about and use regularly?
  • Presentation of the summary of online language resources, classified by typology, which will be used to resolve case studies.
    • language doubts
    • grammar and spell checkers
    • machine translation
    • dictionaries, glossaries and vocabulary lists
    • document models
    • grammars
    • communication
    • compilations of general language resources
    • Compilation of language resources classified by sectors
    • Catalan language training
    • language legislation
    • Catalan knowledge pills on social networks
    • mobile language apps
    • other
  • Practical application of the resources, based on simulation of cases.


6 hours