Linguistic Welcome for Resident Healthcare Staff

Linguistic Welcome for Resident Healthcare Staff


Understand and use everyday expressions and simple sentences to satisfy the first communication needs in the healthcare environment, especially those between healthcare staff and patients. To understand that language forms part of good customer service.


Resident healthcare staff who do not speak Catalan or who speak it with difficulty and who, due to their work, have direct verbal contact with users.


  • Understanding and expressing basic feelings and moods, personal tastes, how someone feels physically or what is hurting them.
  • Exchange of knowledge related to daily life, family and the home.
  • Exchange of non-complex personal experiences related to daily life, informing in a brief and simple way about a family or work-related incident.
  • Expression of recommendations and indications given by healthcare staff to patients.
  • Knowledge of basic vocabulary related to symptoms, medication, diseases, parts of the body and healthcare.
  • Knowledge and use of the language as an element that facilitates communication with patients and improves the quality of care.
  • Doctor-patient role-play activities with special emphasis on the language component.


20 hours